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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

We manage and publish all the content on this website. Throughout this page, we refer to ourselves as the UAE GCO (UAE Government Communication Office).

On this page, we list the rules for browsing the UAE GCO’s website. You can view the GCO’s terms & conditions in a downloadable file below

By using, browsing, or accessing our website, you agree to comply with the rules stated on this page. In the case that you don’t, we have the right to terminate the rights we are offering you without prior notice and take any measures under the law.

Our Rules & Regulations

Our rules and regulations apply to anyone using our website.

We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions, including any rules and terms of use, without notice. We also reserve the right to update the website, including its content and services offered, at our discretion.

In the case that there is a violation of the rules and regulations mentioned on this page, we reserve the right to seek all remedies as per the law.

Sharing our Content

We care about copyright. We also care about making it easy for you to share information. Our rules are simple, and we have listed them below.

Users shall not be permitted to violate or attempt to violate the applicable procedures and regulations for protecting the website including but not limited to the following:

What you should not do:

  • Do not remove any watermark from photos and media content.
  • Do not edit videos in any way that changes their intended use, or in any way, distorts or modifies their original purpose.
  • Do not reword or edit news, quotes, opinions, or statistics in a way that changes their meaning. You can, however, share and copy content while mentioning the source.
  • Do not misuse event details
  • Do not use any content on this website for promotional use, such as materials, video clips, or documentaries, without receiving agreement from the UAE GCO.

What you can do:

We want the public to have access to accurate news and information on time. Thus, we encourage sharing our content under these terms:

  • You can copy, use, and hyperlink information and content from this website.
  • You can share any content on this website, without changing the content’s meaning or intended use.
  • You can share any news on this website or use it as a reference, without changing the meaning or message intended.
  • You can reuse images and content as long as you do not distort the meaning or its context and not remove watermarks.

Contact Information

The contact information of the UAE GCO should only be used for official matters, and never for promotional use.

The details and contact information of government communication managers, spokespersons, and officials are available on this website. Only contact them for official matters. Do not send any marketing and/or promotional content to officials' emails, or we will reserve our right to take necessary measures.

Can I Link This Website ?

Yes, we encourage it. You can link to our website, provided that you:

  • Do not alter the visual or contextual presentation of any content on this website.
  • Do not claim a relationship with the UAE GCO that is false.
  • Do not exaggerate your relationship with the UAE GCO, or claim that the UAE GCO endorses you or approves of any of your products or services or offerings or content.
  • Do not mislead an audience about the UAE GCO’s role and presence that may damage the reputation or distort any information about the UAE GCO.
  • Do not alter the content in any way that changes its meaning.
  • In the case that you do not conform to our rules, you agree to remove all links and associations with our website.

What About Third Party Content ?

When we share links and provide references to other websites, government departments, partners, media, or resources of third parties, this does not mean that we represent or hold any commitments or warranties towards them.

When we use or share a third-party website link, this does not mean we endorse the content or the terms of use of that website. At the UAE GCO, we are not responsible for any transaction you enter with a third party if you access their website or use their services in any way through our website.

By using and accessing our website, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any external links or resources on our site. We are not liable for any products, services, content, or any other material present on these websites or third-party sources. When you leave our website it becomes your sole responsibility.

Terms of Usage

You will not attempt to conduct any test or survey to find any system weakness on this website. You will not violate applicable procedures or document them without an official permit from the UAE GCO.

You will not attempt to interfere with the experience of any user, host, or network in using this website. This includes (while it is not limited to) placing a virus on the site, increasing load to it, sending commercial messages to it, or avalanching it with electronic messages or even destroying it.

You will not send unwanted electronic messages to the website, including commercials and/or advertisements on services or products. You will not falsify any dispatch control protocol package address/internet protocol or any part of the address details in any electronic message.

You will not announce any false news or information and ascribe it to the UAE GCO.

Disclaimer of Warranty

The UAE GCO shall not be held liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect, accidental, or subsequent, private, or exceptional damages arising from the usage or inability to use this website.

By using our website, you are doing so at your sole risk, discretion, and full responsibility. If you face any issue while using this website, such as any damage or loss of data, we hold no responsibility.

Limitation Of Liability

We will not in any way offer any special or exemplary or any consequential responsibility to anyone using this website, due to any errors or damages that may result from using this website or from any materials, links, or information that is accessed through the website.