Visual Identity Guidelines

Federal Committees


Federal Committee Logo Structure

Committee Name

  • The committee’s name is set in both Arabic and English.
  • The Arabic name is set on the first line; English is on the second.
  • The line spacing between the two lines is equal to one U character (in Cronos Pro).
  • The width of the committee’s name in Arabic is equal to that in English; use kashidas as necessary.


  • The committee’s name in Arabic is set in the AXT Manal typeface.
  • The committee’s name in English is set in the Cronos Pro typeface in all caps.


  • The wordmark is set in gold for both languages. Learn more about colours here.


Keep in mind...

All federal committee logos must first be approved by the UAE Government Media Office: [email protected].

Pairing With the Federal Emblem

Federal committees establish their association with the UAE government by pairing their logos with the federal emblem.

  • The Falcon: Watchful: prepared and firmly grounded, the falcon embodies our strength and unity in the present, our pride in our past, and our agility to soar high into the future.
  • The Seven Stars: The seven stars represent the seven Emirates, united around the UAE flag and linked together as one by an unbreakable ring.
  • Calligraphy: The “United Arab Emirates” is etched on a red banner, weaving together the richness of our heritage and the elegance of our progress.

Federal Colour Palette


Pantone 8960 C
R 182 | G 138 | B 53
C 17 | M 38 | Y 83 | K 22


Pantone 186 C
R 200 | G 16 | B 46
C 00 | M 100 | Y 85 | K 06


Pantone 348 C
R 0 | G 132 | B 61
C 96 | M 02 | Y 100 | K 12


Pantone Black C
R 0 | G 0 | B 0
C 10 | M 10 | Y 10 | K 100

Logo-Emblem Pairing

  • The federal emblem is always placed to the right of the committee’s logo.
  • The distance between the federal emblem and committee’s logo must be at least equal to the emblem’s height (x).
  • The committee’s logo is aligned to the middle of the federal emblem.
  • The ratio of the height of the committee’s logo to the height of the federal emblem is equal to 3:7.

Clear Space

Alignment and Minimum Size

  • Always align the logo and emblem to the header margins, with the council logo on the left and the emblem on the right. The minimum size the emblem can be is 1.2 cm wide.

Federal Emblem Misuse

Do not manipulate the federal emblem in any way (colours, effects, stretching, flipping, shadows…).

Do not use the federal emblem on its own without the committee logo. The UAE federal emblem on its own may only be used by the president and prime minister.

Avoid using the federal emblem on images, photos and videos.

Do not use the federal emblem or any of its elements to create new graphics such as patterns or new marks.

Do not change the logo-emblem pairing arrangement.

Do not alter the composition and proportions of the logo-emblem pairing.

Do not recolour the emblem or use the single-colour emblem against a white background.

Do not place the emblem above or below the committee’s wordmark logo.


Primary Typeface

Univers is used on digital materials, publications, reports and advertising (in both Arabic and English). Download fonts here.

Univers Next Arabic Light

Univers Next Arabic Regular

Univers Next Arabic Bold

Keep in mind...

Always use Arabic numerals (keyboard English) to display numbers in both languages.

Application Examples

Formal Pairing

Cronos Pro (Latin) and AXT Manal (Arabic) are paired together in federal wordmarks and on official stationery such as business cards, stamps and document footers.

Standard Font Pairing

Cronos Pro Semibold

AXT Manal Bold

Bold Font Pairing

Cronos Pro Bold

AXT Manal Black


Use Arial as an alternative font for Univers, Cronos Pro or AXT Manal when needed.

Formal Pairing examples

Typography Principles


Body Text




Primary Palette

The UAE government’s visual identity utilizes a lot of white space (60% or more). Silver and Iron occupy around 15% of the design space each, and gold around 5%.


R 225 | G 225 | B 225
C 00 | M 00 | Y 00 | K 00


Pantone 877 C
R 198 | G 198 | B 198
C 00 | M 00 | Y 00 | K 30


Pantone Cool Gray C
R 65 | G 64 | B 66
C 00 | M 00 | Y 00 | K 90


Pantone 8960 C
R 182 | G 138 | B 53
C 17 | M 38 | Y 83 | K 22

Secondary Palettes

Additional colours may be introduced to support the design in subtle ways, like bringing focus to design elements such as buttons or highlights. Remember to use only one of the three colour palettes—never mix! Primary Colour Palette | Secondary Palettes.

Sapphire Blue


UAE Black and UAE Green



  • Arabic: AXT Manal Regular 30 pt.
  • English: Cronos Pro Regular 11 pt.
  • Arabic and English text are aligned to the same baseline.
  • Always use Arabic numerals (keyboard English) for both languages.
  • Website: Cronos Pro Bold 11 pt.


You can use letterheads as the foundation for various applications, including reports and forms. For continuation pages, simply use the letterhead without the footer.

Business Card

  • Only use an individual’s first and last names on the business card. Full names may only be used for the Minister and Director General.
  • Titles and honorifics (e.g. Dr.) may be added to the business card holder’s name where applicable.
  • URL must be changed according to the entity.
  1. AXT Manal Regular 25 pt.
  2. AXT Manal Bold 12 pt.
  3. Cronos Pro Bold 11 pt. all caps Gold
  4. Cronos Pro Semibold 9 pt.
  5. English: Cronos Pro Regular 7/8 pt. | Arabic: AXT Manal Regular 10 pt.
  6. Cronos Pro Semibold 7 pt.


Paper Specifications


Email Signature


  • Baseline grid height: 20 px


  • Baseline grid height: 18 px


  • Body text: Silver
  • Highlights: Red
  • Arabic: Regular 9 pt
  • English: Regular 9 pt
  1. English Text: Regular 12 pt all caps. Arabic text: Regular 13 pt
  2. English Text: Bold 11 pt Arabic text: Bold 12 pt
  3. English Text: Regular 11 pt Gold
  4. English Text: Regular 12 pt all caps. Arabic text: Regular 13 pt
  5. English Text: Regular/ Bold 11 pt Arabic text: Regular/Bold 12 pt
  6. English Text: Regular 11 pt Gold

Keep in mind...

Email signatures are always bilingual, using the font Arial for both body text and signatures in both languages.

Email Signature Misuse

Do not recolour the text or any other elements.

Do not use fonts other than Arial.

Do not rearrange the text or realign languages.

Do not use only one language for the email signature; it must always be bilingual.

Do not resize the logo-emblem pairings or alter its proportions.

Do not use other logo-emblem pairings or alignments other than what is instructed in these guidelines.

PowerPoint and Presentations

  • The federal emblem may only be used on the cover page.
  • The committees’s logo must not be used on inner slides.
  • Include social media handles on the last page.


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