Visual Identity Guidelines

Permanent Councils


Permanent Council Logo Structure

Permanent federal councils may create independent logos—as long as they adhere to these basic guidelines. All logos must be approved by the UAE Government Media Office.


Must be bilingual, with the name of the council in Arabic on the first line and English on the second. Both lines must be equal in width; use kashidas as necessary.

  • Council name in Arabic
  • Council name in English

Logo Mark

Always placed to the right of the wordmark.


If your council’s business needs do not align with this logo structure, consult the UAE Government Media Office at

The UAE Federal Emblem

Federal entities affiliated to ministries can associate their brands with the UAE government by pairing their logos with the federal emblem.

  • The Falcon: Watchful, prepared and firmly grounded, the falcon embodies our strength and unity in the present, our pride in our past, and our agility to soar high into the future.
  • The Seven Stars: The seven stars represent the seven Emirates, united around the UAE flag and linked together as one by an unbreakable ring.
  • Calligraphy: The “United Arab Emirates” is etched on a red banner, weaving together the richness of our heritage and the elegance of our progress.

Federal Colour Palette


Pantone 8960 C
R 182 | G 138 | B 53
C 17 | M 38 | Y 83 | K 22


Pantone 186 C
R 200 | G 16 | B 46
C 00 | M 100 | Y 85 | K 06


Pantone 348 C
R 0 | G 132 | B 61
C 96 | M 02 | Y 100 | K 12


Pantone Black C
R 0 | G 0 | B 0
C 10 | M 10 | Y 10 | K 100

Pairing Application

Mandatory Emblem Pairing

These are items where permanent federal councils must use the UAE federal emblem; must be produced exactly as specified in these guidelines, including paper specifications.

  • Letterhead for MOU signing.
  • Website header.

Prohibited Emblem Applications

These are items where federal councils are prohibited from using the federal emblem.

  • Co-branding.
  • Official stamps.
  • Paper bags.
  • Digital banners
  • Social media
  • Media walls.
  • Gifts and giveaways.
  • Signage and interior branding.
  • Vehicle branding.
  • Co-branding.
  • Official stamps.


Keep in mind...

For all applications, apply the pairing of the council logo with the federal emblem as specified.

Logo-Emblem Pairing Structure

  • The federal emblem is always placed to the right of the council’s logo.
  • The federal emblem and logo must have the same height (x).
  • The height of the logomark must match the height of the federal emblem.
  • The distance between the federal emblem and logo must be at least equal to the emblem’s height (x).
  • The federal emblem and logo must be aligned to the middle.

Clear Space

Alignment and Minimum Size

Always align the logo and emblem to the header margins, with the council’s logo on the left and the emblem on the right. The minimum size the emblem can be is 1.2 cm wide.

Logo on Different Backgrounds

When choosing the most appropriate logo treatment on different backgrounds, always aim for maximum contrast for maximum visibility, legibility and impact.

White Backgrounds

Always use the full-colour logo and federal emblem.

Dark Backgrounds

Use the logo and federal emblem in white.

Light Backgrounds

Use the logo and federal emblem in black.


Avoid placing the federal emblem on images.

Federal Emblem Misuse

It is always best to use the federal emblem as it is, without any manipulation or modification.

Do not manipulate the federal emblem in any way (colours, effects, stretching, flipping, shadows…).

Do not use the federal emblem on its own without the council's logo. The UAE federal emblem on its own may only be used by the president and prime minister.

Do not use the federal emblem on images, photos, or videos; if needed, use the endorsement line instead.

Do not pair the federal emblem with a vertical logo arrangement.

Do not change the logo-emblem pairing alignment or structure.

Do not recolour the emblem or use the single-colour version on a white background.

Do not use any of the federal emblem or any of its elements to create new graphics such as patterns or new marks.

Do not alter the composition and proportions of the logo-emblem pairing.


Multiple Entities As Sponsors

When several federal entities are co-branding, the logos are displayed in silver (except ministries and local governments) to provide a sense of cohesion among the entities, in addition to reducing visual clutter.

Sponsorship Hierarchy

When several government entities appear together, they do so in this specific order.


Keep logo alignments as consistent as possible. Logos should be similar in size and colour treatment, and should all be in either vertical or horizontal arrangements—not a mix of both.

Endrosement Lines

Endorsement lines clarify the roles of the entities involved in a co-branding situation. There are three ways to place the endorsement line, and you are encouraged to choose the one that works best with your design.

Aligned to the middle of the supporting logos; placed to the left if the design is in English, to the right if it is in Arabic.

Centered above the supporting logos. This arrangement is most suited for bilingual layouts.

Above the supporting logos and aligned to the left if the layout is in English, to the right if it is in Arabic.

<p>Recommended Endorsement Lines Type: Cronos Pro Semibold, all caps, silver Ensure that the size is readable and compatible Ensure that the endorsement line does not intrude on the supporting logos by maintaining sufficient clear space around them .</p>

Co-Branding with Multiple Entities

The emblem may only be used in the main header when the council is the main brand. Supporting entity logos are placed in the footer.

With other entities

With multiple ministries

With multiple supporting entities


Maintain sufficient clear space around all logos to maximize legibility and impact.

Co-Branding with Partners

When co-branding with a partner—as opposed to co-branding with a supporting entity or sponsor—the permanent council uses its own logo only and drops the logo-emblem pairing.

Partner and Supporting Entities

With a Ministry

With a Federal Entity


While councils must not use the federal emblem when co-branding with a partner, the federal emblem may appear if it was part of the partner’s logo (e.g. ministry). In such cases, always remember to add the appropriate endorsement line.

Authority as a Sponsor

Official Applications


Permanent federal councils must produce these items exactly as specified in these guidelines.

Email Signature


  • Baseline grid height: 20 px


  • Baseline grid height: 18 px


  • Body text: Silver
  • Highlights: Red
  • Arabic: Regular 9 pt
  • English: Regular 9 pt
  1. English Text: Regular 12 pt all caps. Arabic text: Regular 13 pt
  2. English Text: Bold 11 pt Arabic text: Bold 12 pt
  3. English Text: Regular 11 pt
  4. English Text: Regular 12 pt all caps. Arabic text: Regular 13 pt
  5. English Text: Regular/ Bold 11 pt Arabic text: Regular/Bold 12 pt
  6. English Text: Regular 11 pt

Keep in mind...

Email signatures are always bilingual, using the font Arial for both body text and signatures in both languages.

Email Signature Misuse

Do not recolour the text or any other elements.

Do not use fonts other than Arial.

Do not rearrange the text or realign languages.

Do not use only one language for the email signature; it must always be bilingual.

Do not resize the logo-emblem pairing or alter its proportions.

Do not use other logo-emblem pairings or alignments other than what is instructed in these guidelines.

Always use the full-colour logo-emblem pairing, never the single-colour version.

Business Cards

  • Only use an individual’s first and last names on the business card. Full names may only be used for the Minister and Director General.
  • Titles and honorifics (e.g. Dr.) may be added to card holder’s name where applicable.
  • URL must be changed according to the entity.
  • Use the council’s brand colours for the name (in Arabic and English) and website.
  1. AXT Manal Regular 25 pt.
  2. AXT Manal Bold 12 pt.
  3. Cronos Pro Bold 11 pt. all caps.
  4. Cronos Pro Semibold 9 pt.
  5. English: Cronos Pro Regular 7/8 pt. | Arabic: AXT Manal Regular 10 pt. .
  6. Cronos Pro Semibold 7 pt.


  • Arabic: AXT Manal Regular 30 pt.
  • English: Cronos Pro Regular 11 pt.
  • Arabic and English text are aligned to the same baseline.
  • Always use Arabic numerals (keyboard English) for both languages.
  • Website: Cronos Pro Bold 11 pt.


You can use some of the entity’s brand elements, such as fonts for content and brand colours for the footer and the back.
You can also use letterheads as the foundation for various applications, including reports and forms.
For continuation pages, simply use the letterhead without the footer.


Keep in mind...

Always use the same footer text on envelopes as letterheads.


You may add a confidentiality strip on the flap of the envelope when needed.

Employee ID Card

  1. Arial Regular 12 pt.
  2. Arial Regular 7 pt.
  3. Arial Regular 8 pt All Caps.
  4. Arial Regular 6 pt.
  5. Arial Regular 7 pt.
  6. Arabic: Arial Regular 8 pt. English: Arial Regular 7 pt.


A3 Size

  • Margins: 1.2 cm.
  • Border: 2 pt.
  • Logo: primary or horizontal if co-branding.
  • Emblem width: 1.8 cm.
  1. Cronos Pro Semibold all caps 48 pt.
  2. Cronos Pro Regular 18 pt.
  3. Univers Next Regular 12 pt.
  4. Name in Univers Next Bold Silver 14 pt. Title in Univers Next Regular all caps 12pt.

A4 Size

  • Margins: 0.75 cm.
  • Border: 1.5 pt.
  • Logo: primary or horizontal if co-branding,emblem width 1.5 cm.
  1. Cronos Pro Regular all caps 24 pt.
  2. Cronos Pro Regular 28 pt.
  3. Univers Next Regular 12 pt
  4. Univers Next Regular 12 pt. Title in Univers Next Regular all caps 10 pt.

Paper Specifications



Every permanent council’s website should cater to its own needs and requirements in terms of content. However, all permanent council websites contain the proper logo-emblem pairing treatment and three essential components.

Contains the logo-emblem pairing, flushed to the margins. The emblem’s minimum width is 75 px, and the minimum clear space around the logo and the emblem is 68 px from all sides.

Displays relevant council content, such as the latest news. This component may be a slider, a media wall or any other appropriate design solution, according to the council’s needs.

Includes contact information and other relevant links, such as the terms of use, privacy policy, careers, social media links or copyrights.

Keep in mind...

The standard font for ministry websites is Univers Next.

General Applications


Permanent federal councils must produce these items exactly as specified in these guidelines.

Official Stamp

Use only the council’s brand on stamps; the federal emblem may not be used.

Paper Bags

  • Designed according to the entity's brand.
  • Never use the federal emblem.
  • Include social media handles and url.


  • Designed according to the entity’s brand.
  • The logo-emblem pairing must be implemented on the letterhead inside.

Certificate Cover

Leather with matte logo debossing

Powerpoint And Presentations

  • The federal emblem may only be used on the cover page.
  • The council’s logo must not be used on inner slides.
  • Include social media handles on the last page.


Advertising Principles

Our advertising carries the elegance and forward-thinking of the UAE. Our choice of imagery, messaging and layout is clean, harmonious and elegant.

We always aim for accuracy in the presentation of all facts, ensuring that all statements and claims included in the advertisements have sufficient proof.

The UAE is wonderfully rich in its cultural diversity, and our communication creates an environment where people from all walks of life can feel a sense of belonging.

Environmental Responsibility
We always consider the impact of the production and dissemination of our materials through the most appropriate and responsible means.

We are considerate of our audience’s experiences and how our language and communication can impact the way they absorb and respond to our messages.

Keep in mind...

Avoid advertisements for religious events and personal congratulations and condolences—unless directed otherwise by the UAE Government Media Office.

Advertising Layout

  1. Margins (clear Space)
  2. Masthead Area (logo-emblem pairing, flushed to margins)
  3. Main Content Area (main message)
  4. Grid (alignment)
  5. Body Copy (supporting content)
  6. Footer (contact information or call to action)

Advertising Examples

Black and White Text


Digital banners



Permanent councils may use the logo-emblem pairing on print and digital publication covers.

DL Leaflet



Digital PDF and Electronic Newsletters


Refer to the co-branding guidelines for more information about publishing materials with other brands.

Social Media

Permanent federal councils must use their own logomarks for display pictures on their social media accounts. In the profile section, the council’s name must be included in Arabic and English along with a link to the website.

Display picture: Full-colour logomark, centred on a white background with sufficient clear space around it.

Do not use the federal emblem as a display picture on any digital platform.

Use the wordmark on posts instead of the logo.

Do not use the federal emblem on social media posts.

Logo in Videos

The logo may be used in videos to indicate the entity’s ownership or endorsement. As a rule, the logo (with the logomark) only appears in video outros and never over video footage. A watermark may be used for the duration of the video; using the full entity name in Arabic and the abbreviated name in English under it, positioned in the top-right corner of the video.

The logo may only appear in the outro of the video.

Do not animate the logo components; only simple transition effects, such as fading in and out, are allowed.

The watermark (without the logomark and emblem) may be placed in the top-right corner over video footage.

Never use the logo or the emblem as a watermark on video footage.

Keep in mind...

In co-branding situations, logos may only appear in the outro of the video, following the Co-Branding guidelines.

Events and Exhibitions

Media Wall

Use a step-and-repeat pattern for media wall backdrops at events and exhibitions, ensuring sufficient clear space around the logos.

  • Titles may be added above the logos.
  • When using the federal emblem, make sure the logo-emblem pairing rules are applied correctly.
  • In co-branding situations, use the logo without the federal emblem; remember to use similar logo sizes, treatments, and arrangements according to the co-branding guidelines.

Exhibition Booths

The logo-emblem pairing is placed prominently and without repetition. The logo-emblem pairing may also be displayed digitally on a screen.

  • Entities have the freedom to construct the most appropriate booths to serve their specific needs.
  • The logo-emblem pairing may also be displayed digitally on a screen.

MOU Signing

Co-branding with one entity

Co-branding with two entities or more

Signing Agreement

The first page of an agreement is always printed on the official letterhead, with the subsequent pages printed on continuation sheets.
Co-branding on a signing agreement is not allowed. Each party signing the agreement will have an agreement prepared with their own official logo.


MOU Signing designs follow the co-branding guidelines , so an authority uses its own logo without pairing with the federal emblem.

Gifts and Giveaways

Permanent councils use their own brands on gifts and giveaways, without using the federal emblem.


Entrance and Interior Branding

As a general rule, federal councils are not allowed to use the federal emblem on exterior or interior signage and use their own logos instead.

Entrance (or highest point on building)


Reception signage


When two or more entities share the same building, the logos must be equal in size and production specifications. Do not place the website URL on an external facade, and Do not divide the logo on the different facades.

Vehicle Branding

Permanent councils may use their own brand identities to brand service vehicles, and must not use the federal emblem for vehicle branding.

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